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5 Things You Can Do Child Get Better Grades

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Children’s better grades are directly linked with the quality of education and teaching that a student receives. Competition is fierce in schools, colleges and universities among students, and each one of them competes for a better future. This level of competition can sometimes result in low motivation, which leads to poor grades. Therefore, parent support for children matters a lot. It can make all the difference.

Many parents ask the question: how to improve academic performance? The first teacher of the child is their parents. Children’s learning starts at home, so encouragement and sympathy that a kid receives from parents can boost their confidence. Sometimes despite all efforts, school education is not sufficient for children. In such cases, professional tutors are a great choice. Private tuition gives your child extra attention. Online tutoring has spread across the UK. Therefore, we see parents looking for online tutors in Redbridge like any other town in the UK. They are qualified to support your child’s learning and improve their grades.

How to Improve Children’s Academic Performance?

This blog will cover some helpful tips that will support your child to grow academically and achieve academic success. It’s not as hard as you think. Here are five tips to make the job easier for you.

1. Encourage Reading

Learning starts from reading, and it is the first stage in any educational journey. It not only increases the knowledge of the child but also motivates them. Learning increases your kid’s creative skills and adds to their thinking power.

Encourage your child to read books at an early age, so your kid can better understand the language. It will be better if the kid makes reading a habit. It will strengthen the child’s basics as well as improve their grades.

2. Make Math Part of Everyday Life

Most students dislike Maths. It needs to be a passion for your child. Making Maths a regular part of your child’s life can help overcome their fear. Mathematics is used in all aspects of daily life, including calculations, organising, estimating, and more.

Specialised Mathematicians can quickly solve complex problems in simple ways. Children should schedule math time into their daily schedule. Problem-solving is essential in Mathematics. It is vital to understand that it isn’t scary. This practice will increase the child’s love for the subject, and ultimately it will improve grades.

3. Encourage Extracurricular Activities

Some studies emphasise the importance of extracurricular activities for children. These activities contribute to academic success. Therefore, make sure your kid participates in such activities. Whether it is sports, games, political activism, debates, competition, writing, just let them do it.

It will enable them to thrive and lead to high self-esteem and more social opportunities, allowing your child to grab a broader perspective of things. Such activities will allow them to explore their interests and raise their grades. These much needed productive breaks are part and parcel of the personality development of any person.

4. Be Interested

Taking an interest in your kid’s studies makes them realise that education is essential, so they stay focused and motivated. Always attend parent teaching meetings and ask for monthly reports of your child’s progress from your teacher and tutor. Offer your kid your complete support and availability. Let them know you’re always available to help. Help them with their homework.

If they are confused about any subject. It will benefit your kid if you try to simplify things by giving them real-life examples. Discuss with their teachers about their vulnerable areas and try to work with the tutor to develop a study plan to address those issues.

Listen to your child’s concerns and ask them about their day at school. Hear their thoughts on their capabilities and what they find challenging. Embrace what they say and proceed accordingly.

5. Limit Distractions

Smartphones, televisions, internet, video games, and Netflix are the distractions that compete for your child’s attention. Try to provide a quiet, distraction-free and stress-free environment for kids, especially when doing homework.

Limiting their screen time can make them more focused on studies and less interested in other activities. The problem with televisions is that they waste your children’s time and make school sound boring. You need to ensure that they have a proper sleep every day. This way, they will wake fresh, active and perform with mental capacity.  

6. Online Tuition

Online tuition is another thing you can do to assist your kid in improving in different areas of studies. It saves time and money on travelling to the location, providing students with a sense of security and convenience. Online tuition makes the learning experience effective, long-lasting and potent. An online tutor can individually work on your child’s weaknesses, and with a custom study plan, you can see improvement in child grades and study performance.


Your job as a parent is to make your kid learn valuable skills necessary for personality development. Keep your kid’s study room organised and peaceful, so they do not face any issues during their studies. Educational games are an excellent way to enhance your child’s intellectual skills. Setting realistic expectations with your kids is an effective way to strengthen the bond of trust.

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