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A Beginner’s Guide to Protecting Tattoos from the Sun

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Protecting Tattoos from the Sun: If you visit the beach regularly or have to stay outside during the day due to work, you certainly know how significant it is to keep yourself protected from the sun. Not undertaking the right measures can cause sunburn, skin irritation, or even skin cancer. Sun is also considered the biggest enemy to your tattoos. Continue reading to learn how sunscreen can allow your precious body art to look good for a prolonged period.

Is Sunscreen Essential?

The sun is known for emitting two kinds of ultraviolet radiation – UVA, and UVB – and they do different things to your tattoos.

UVA rays penetrate deep into the skin, causing much more lasting damage. The experts working for the best tattoo studio Philippines said UVA rays force the skin to age within a short period, forming wrinkles and creases on top of the inked areas. UVA rays also pastel and white inks. They may even distort the black and grey inks but not as quickly.

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UVB rays are responsible for causing redness, swelling, and burning sensations. The people planning on starting a tattoo business know that body art at its initial stage is no less than an open wound. If under the sunlight, it may blister and itch. Chronic UVB exposure ruins the entire appearance of the tattoos forever.

How to Protecting Tattoos from Sun?

You cannot apply sunscreen to the tattoos unless they have healed completely. Instead, cover them with a loose cloth.

The experts with open tattoo shops said sunscreens advertised as being specially formulated for body arts would not protect your ink any better than the regular sunscreens. They contain more or less the same sort of ingredients but are simply sold at a much steeper price point.

What to Consider When Buying Sunscreen?

The artists offering services at the best tattoo shops in the world said you must conduct thorough research prior to purchasing sunscreens.

Oil, Cream, or Spray

Cream-based sunscreens are believed to be perfect since you can see where you are actually applying the product. The sprays and oils are difficult to detect on the skin, so there is a high chance that you may miss a spot. Go for water-resistant sunscreens in case you swim when outdoors.


The sun protection factor or SPF is basically a unit to measure how effectively a sunscreen can block the UV rays from entering the skin. Always choose a product with SPF 30 or more to cover tattoos. If your skin is excessively sensitive, please get SPF 50+.

Safe Ingredients

The ingredients used in the sunscreen that are declared safe by the FDA are titanium oxide and zinc oxide. Mineral sunscreens can protect the tattoos for a prolonged period and are currently thought to be safe for both human beings and the environment.

The experts with tattoo shops open for several years said you must immediately address sunburned body arts. Neglecting them can pave the way for irreversible and painful reactions. Apply cool compresses followed by a gentle, hypoallergenic lotion. Drink a substantial amount of water. If you notice inflammation or catch a fever, please seek medical attention.

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