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Top 5 Things Every Buyer Should Know While Purchasing a Washing Machine

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Nowadays, washing machines have turned into a standard requirement for every household. Over the past few decades, washing machine manufacturers have developed new and innovative features for offering better wash quality and better durability of the machine components.

If you are in the market checking the best washing machine brand and their prices, we are here to help you with your quest to find the best product suitable for your needs. Let’s take a look at some crucial factors that you must be aware of before purchasing a washing machine:

Washing Machine Capacity

The capacity of a washing machine depends upon the number of members within your family. The washing machine capacity is measured in kilograms and is directly related to the weight of the clothes you plan to wash. Certain clothes are light but take up much space, like blankets, comforters and other clothing, in general, has more weight however takes less volume such as jeans. It is recommended to load the drum with 2/3rd capacity to move freely to ensure a good quality wash.

If you have a medium or large-sized family or you prefer to wash your clothes once or twice a week, then consider opting for a larger capacity washer. If you wash your clothes daily, then a medium-sized washing machine will be an ideal option for you. However, if you select an incredibly small-sized washing machine, you will end up with multiple washing cycles. Kindly keep in mind that you need to give rest to your machine for a couple of hours between two washing cycles.

Semi-Automatic or Fully Automatic Washing Machine

Make sure that you are clear about which type of washing machine do you need for your home. For a semi-automatic system, it is necessary to set the wash programs manually, and you may also need to transfer clothes from the washing drum towards the spinning drum. In contrast, an automatic machine requires no effort at all. Once it’s loaded, you just have to select the wash program it will wash the clothes and dry them without any intervention.

Note that semi-automatic washers require you to work harder; however, they’re generally less expensive and feature water-saving functions. Fully automated machines typically feature the finest features and technologies, and therefore, the price of these models could be on the higher side. For both variants, there is a wide range of options to choose from.

Washing Machine Loading Options 

While front-loading washing machines offer superior washing capabilities, many people prefer top-loading washing machines due to their greater comfort while loading clothes. It is vital to remember that front-loaders have the best features, but the cost of front-load washing machines is higher than the top-load variants.

Washing Machine Settings

Washing machines come equipped with an array of washing settings. Some washing machines might have hot water wash options for washing the clothes which are heavily soiled and flaunting tough stains. Delicate wash settings can help clean soft fabrics, like baby’s clothes which require special attention. In addition, other settings allow for washing, soaking as well as drying clothes. Make sure to check about these features before deciding and choosing one with specific washing modes that you might be needing.

Warranty and Maintenance

The warranty is a crucial aspect to be looking for, as most defects or issues during the warranty time frame will be taken care of by the manufacturer at no extra cost. Therefore, you should double-check the warranty terms and find out if there’s an option for extending warranty periods as well. Be aware that certain washing machine brands offer different periods of warranties on specific parts. For instance, certain manufacturers offer a warranty for the motor without covering damages to the other parts of the device, such as the washing drum or the detergent drawer, etc. Make sure you read the warranty clauses and the servicing requirements before your purchase to ensure that you can properly claim the post-sales care you require.

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