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Top 10 Ways To Use Social Media Stories to Grow Your Business

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Social media stories have become one of the most admirable features on social media and have now branched out from Instagram (who inspired the idea from Snapchat) to Facebook and now even to YouTube.

It’s pretty impressive that Stories are changing the face of social media, and when used well, they can make a meaningful impact on a brand.

Although people can save stories, the temporary form of content makes sense of scarceness to keep the audience in the loop by their choice. They want to be up-to-date by their favorite brands and influencers and like to peek at their daily life activities through social media stories. If individuals aim to enhance their online presence, they might consider buying Instagram likes to boost engagement and visibility.

Best Ways to Use Social Media Stories to Grow Your Business

Stories offer dynamic ways for communication with the audience; by communicating with the audience directly to make you understand their choices and thoughts and generate trust for further association with your customers.

1. Interactive polls

Great polls ideas and thoughts allow you to get customer feedback and interact with them directly; it also invites them to create content with you. They add an extra factor of interactivity that gets your audience actively participating in your message and interact.

Encouraging your audience to take part in a poll makes your brand more impressive and appealing. You’ll also make positive relations that will lead to further engagement and growth of the business.

2. Leverage FOMO

Leverage FOMO (fear of missing out) provide more conversions and engagement for the businesses and brand; stories last for 24 hours only, which increase the fear of missing out in the audience about missing a fantastic opportunity or deals. Technically, through this technique, you can leverage stories to increase engagement in a limited period. Such strategies create more hype and excitement, especially on special occasions.

3. Collect Customer Feedback

Collecting feedbacks are an essential part of the business; feedbacks help you understand the mindset of customers about your products or services. This information will lead you to know what things need to improve, whether customers are happy with your business or about your customer’s taste and needs.

4. Increase Your Discover-ability

Social media stories provide location stickers and GIFs that offer more local exposure to your branding services or company; you can guide the audience about your shoot, party, charity event, or where your store is. Thus, they come in handy for growing business. With the help of location tags or stickers, you can quickly drive more foot traffic for your business.

5. Increase Your Sale

Stories are a splendid platform to inform your viewers about what’s new in your store. Well, because millions of people watch Stories every day (colossal audience), and they disappear after 24 hours (so, your followers won’t feel overwhelmed with marketing messages) as the average ad is irritating and customer loses their interest.

6. Build Your Audience

One of the great ways to reach people worldwide is by creating fascinating Stories with the right hashtags. Remember, to grow your audience, use those hashtags, which are popular, connected to your brand, and up-to-the-minute at a particular time.

7. Enhance Brand Loyalty

To increase loyalty towards your brand is accessible by using story features on social media, for instance, uploading more insight into your business and including “behind-the-scenes” aspects of your business.

8. Humanize Your Brand 

Use stories to show your personality and technique and share attention-grabbing content, such as funny videos or news of charity events. Engage more with your audience to feel that they are dealing with a human, not a robot.

9. Brand Awareness

It’s essential to focus on your brand; stories are the easiest method to create relevant awareness for your brand, like sharing other people’s stories and content in which you were mentioned or your brand is tagged.

10. Drive Traffic for Your Blog

The best way to drive more traffic to your blog is to share your new content on social media platforms. All you need to do is create a Story in which you inform your audience about your excellent recent blog post and add a link to it.

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