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Why Choose MBBS from Karaganda National Medical University?

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For a long time, practicing medicine has been regarded as one of the most respected fields in society and has been listed as one of the noblest and difficult professions. Students interested in entering the medical field have done a lot of hard work to obtain accurate knowledge and practical experience. MBBS may be one of the most difficult degrees to obtain and one of the best options to study MBBS in abroad without NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test). There are too few medical seats in India to meet the ever-increasing number of applicants each year. Therefore, many aspiring people plan to study MBBS in abroad.

If you know which country you got your degree from, the cost of getting an MBBS degree abroad is quite low. Getting MBBS from a recognized university and become a doctor is a true choice for a medical aspirant. It brings you great relief from health and suffering, in addition to the financial stability it brings. Obtaining MBBS in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan is a practical way, as we will explore in the blog.

About Karaganda State Medical University (KSMU)

The Karaganda State Medical University (KSMU) is one of the top medical institutions in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The university has made many achievements, including the ISO 9001 – 2000 certification of the UK’s (United Kingdom) authoritative certification management system in 2005, which is the first and only a few institutions in the country to do so.

The KSMU (Karaganda State Medical University) was founded in the year 1950 and quickly get an appraisal from top organizations of the world due to its outstanding quality and reliable education. Karaganda Medical University (KMU) has been actively cooperating with the International Association for Medical Education (AMEE) and the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME), which has improved its credibility and the value of obtaining degrees. As we all know, Karaganda National Medical University (KNMU) has organized and introduced various international conferences on its own campus many times before and still doing.

In addition to these outstanding achievements, KSMU (Karaganda State Medical University) is also an institution accredited by NMC (National Medical Commission), which means that Indian students can obtain a degree from the Karaganda State Medical University (KSMU) and practice in India without any additional entrance tests or formalities for an Indian student. The MBBS fees in Kazakhstan are very affordable for Indian students.

Life at Karaganda State Medical University (KSMU)

Deciding to study MBBS in abroad from a top medical university in Kazakhstan may seem daunting for many students. Therefore, the KSMU (Karaganda State Medical University) management department ensures that students’ lives on campus are as convenient and stress-free as possible. With the most advanced facilities in laboratories and classrooms, students will not encounter any equipment problems during the teaching process.

The environment of the Karaganda State Medical University (KSMU) is very healthy and many activities have been performed to engage students’ minds in extracurricular activities, which the student club handles. The Karaganda State Medical University (KSMU) also has a museum, a rich and abundant library, its own clinic for students to practice and practice, and more opportunities to improve students’ abilities and prepare them for their own professional fields.

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Too many people believe that obtaining an MBBS degree from abroad can be more challenging. Therefore, it is essential that choosing the institution where you want to obtain a degree not only suits your needs but also ensures that your future is safe. Kansas State University (KSU), ranked 4th, is the fourth-ranked institution in the country, ensuring its students are proficient in medicine and will enjoy a fruitful life in the medical world after obtaining a degree.

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