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Business Setup in Dubai By A Foreign Expat- Advantages, Process and Tips

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Business Setup in Dubai By A Foreign Expat- The city of Dubai does not must a special introduction because it is one of the world’s most popular places. We all know Dubai’s position enjoys as a tourist destination, But it’s much more than that. Fertile land for new business, Dubai, is a dream of investors. Building your business in Dubai is not only easy but also very profitable.

Why Should You Start Business in Dubai, UAE?

UAE is an exciting place to start a business, especially if you want to sell items in the GCC area (Gulf Cooperation Council). Dubai provides many commodities, easy access to flight and travel, and many talents for rent. It is not surprising that the Emirates become one of the most popular places to find a business.

The Dubai government offers various types of business models chosen by foreign investors. Such as direct sales, commercial agency, branch offices, LLC, and free zones.

Choose The Business Jurisdiction

The free zone is the strongest pillar of the strong UAE economy. They have been fruitful in attracting extraordinary amounts of foreign investment. They produce thousands of jobs, and facilitating technology transfer into the country.

  • Mainland

Mainland companies are land companies licensed by the DED Dubai. The company operating here can do business in the local market and outside the UAE without any limit.

  • Off The Coast

Offshore companies are a legal business entities. It operates outside its jurisdiction to cut tax payments.

Process of Starting New Business in Dubai, UAE

Consider three things If think about company formation in Dubai. Dubai welcomes a lot of foreign investment, so their restrictions are one liberals in the world.

It is clear that if you have decided to start a business in Dubai. You have met people who will help you at your business startup.

You can see online for many such companies that have an excellent record in providing services to new businesses. They help in many ways by completing your visa, regulating resources, getting documentation work, etc.

  • Decide Business Activity

UAE offers businesses in the free zone area intended for companies that provide various advantages. It would help if you did further consultation to receive calls.

  • Choose Trade Names

Decide on a business name for your company. It requires you to check a list of trading names that are ban in Dubai and already used. The words UAE and Dubai cannot come in your trade name. Apart from these other restrictions to choose your trade name, you can check with the free zone authority.

  • Type of Business you Are Starting

Your business will start either as goods or business services. And you will deal with one of these items and services. Dubai allows various types of companies to operate in this country. Some of them also have many kinds of restrictions, while there are some that foreigners cannot do in the UAE.

There are also some illegal limited businesses. You have to be aware of this. To start a company like that, you can even need a license.

  • Legal Structure of Business

As part of the free zone business, there are common types of business. They generally share companies, limited liabilities, ownership, shared companies, etc.

Choose a business location to operate your company. Dubai is a very costly place, so you have to be very careful in choosing a business room to avoid extra expenses. To get one space like your promoter or your advisor company will help you.

  • Company Formation Process

Combining your business means getting all documents. Like getting a bank account, having enough capital, doing all other necessary works related to your startup. Registration is one of the essential aspects where your business will become a legal entity. For registration, you must get all documents. Like licenses, business rooms, employees, capital, bank accounts, etc.

Take the help of your advisory company in merging your business. They will do the best work, and it won’t be difficult for you to start your business. Get yourself registered as a taxpayer, and don’t forget to meet all legal formalities.

  • Process Visa

The visa process involves four stages, including medical fitness tests and biometric arrests. Omit, it usually takes less than a week. As the UAE business license holder, you can sponsor other people. For example children, couples, or domestic staff for their visas, giving you to fulfill the feasibility criteria.

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  • Open corporate Bank Account

There are many local and international names present in the UAE. It is not always easy for foreign nationals to access banking services. It is a recommendation to work with local experts such as formation throughout the world. We can assess your needs and feasibility before making you connect with the right financial institution for you.


When established as a stranger in Dubai, getting the right guide before is the key. That is why it is a suggestion to carry out the steps above with the help of registered business consultants to drop potential hassles.

Certain business activities demand special license agreements, regardless of those from DED. If your business activities need extra approval, contact the relevant government department.

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