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What Are The Things Need To Be Noticed Before Buying An Electric Shaver?

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Buying An Electric Shaver?

An electric shaver is a handy device for those who want to save thousands of rupees monthly without knocking barbers shop. It is value to money device that helps you save money and give the proper feel and comfort while shaving. On the other hand, if we talk about the regular razor, it has many disadvantages like burning sensation to the skin, nick, and cuts, razor bumps, etc., but an electric shaver gets rid of you off from such issues. Electric shaver for men has many advantages, and you need to keep some of the things in concern while choosing the right electric shaver. Everyone has their expectation and fundamental needs so, before buying, we need to make sure about the right one. Some of the key aspects which we need to consider before purchasing an electric shaver are given below:-

Rotary VS Foil Shaver

The best electric shavers in India generally come in two categories: Rotary and Foil. These two categories vary with some minimum changes but still work on the same functionality by achieving the specific targets while shaving.

Rotary Shaver

These electric shavers come with circular blades with many variants as per the headcount. These circular blades are very sharp to cut through the hair with complete adaptability to the device. The risk factor of any nicks and cuts is rare or none due to different brands’ advanced technology. These blades are situated under the device’s head, which trims and cut hair at a rotating motion with an adjustable angle. These shavers are very convenient for those users who have regular shaving habit with challenging skin types and carry coarse beard density. The sharp blades under the head section help to reach the close shave. People with long hair generally used such a shaver with almost no motor sound to give the user the perfect shaving experience. It is also very convenient for the users having a high volume of hair with less shaving habit.

Foil shaver

This electric shaver comes with completely thin metal sheet foil having hair-cutting blades below this sheet. The foil sheet is slightly blended or curved, having holes and below the adjusted blades, cut the hair with long back-and-forth movement technology. This technology helps that sort of shaver move or glide on the face and neck at the user’s convenience. These shavers are come with various specifications as per cutting blades and spring-loaded heads. Foil shavers are generally used by users having short hairs, and it also has the motor sound issue.

Cost of an Electric Shaver

The electric shavers are costly compared to the regular razor, but the shaving comfort and experience are far above the expectations. As users, we should always go for the deal which gives us maximum output instead of money. Sometimes paying few extra bugs may provide better results than buying standard razors at a regular interval of time. Apart from that, if we talk about longevity, then the electric shavers come to the top spot instead of traditional razors.

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The interface of the device

The shaver’s adjustment features are easily noticed through the LED/LCD interface, which is mainly seen in electric shavers. It is not that important but still beneficial to the user. For example, if your device’s battery backup is about to drain in that case, you will get the notification to make it charge. So yes, it’s pretty beneficial to the user.

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