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Your Perfect Guide to Wedding Reception Music


The Right Wedding Music

What is the most important aspect of the wedding? Choosing the right wedding music for the reception? Not only is music important to dance to, but it also serves as a reflection of the two of you as a couple no matter where you are holding the wedding ceremony – whether it is the orange county wedding entertainment or out in the country wedding reception. In fact, remember that the music played at your wedding reception is the right soundtrack to the biggest party of your life yet. 

Here are three things that you should consider before picking the right Orange County wedding entertainment or Los Angeles wedding entertainment troops for your wedding reception:

Consider music thinking about these three segments of the reception session:

  • Cocktail hour
  • Dinner service
  • Dance party

By ensuring that you look through these aspects, you could consider different music genres that will fit perfectly for each of the sessions of the evening leading up to the wedding reception.

  • The cocktail hour music

The cocktail hour is the perfect time for you to play some of your favourite songs as a couple and really get creative with it. It is standard to play light jazz or standard music; however, there is no such trend to follow. If you are into acoustic artists, then getting them going is a great soundtrack to help your guests mingle with each other. However, if you are in the mood to get in the funk, then you might want to consider playing some 80s party music. Not only will it be nostalgic of the times but your time together as a couple courting each other. In fact, anything goes for the cocktail hour music, so you don’t really have to stress too much about it. You may want to consider hiring a party music band to come to perform live music to the jazz of the session.

  • Dinner service music

Especially while dinner service is going on, most couples tend to choose instrumental music in order for the guest to be able to have conversations without competing with the music. Just as the dinner service begins to wind down, then you may want to consider playing some upbeat music, encouraging people to join in on the dance floor.

You may want to consider these music ideas to begin with: 

  • EDM or electronic music
  • Oldies music
  • Alternative rock ballads are a good option
  • Dancing music

Next comes one of the most important parts of the wedding reception, and it is traditional for the wedding couple to begin with the dance. 

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How the traditional wedding dances go:

  • Primarily, the first dance of the couple takes place. 
  • Family dances with parents go on
  • Bridal party dance

Once all of this gets wrapped up, your guests will be invited to join the dance floor. Especially important for you to hire a wedding Di Jai or some Orange County wedding entertainment units to help you with the song selection and to have a carefree, enjoyable night dancing away to glory.

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