How to create an animated gifs

How to Create an Animated Gifs?

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How to create an animated gifs image using Gif Maker make it on Emmy. If you like to learn more about just make it on a me check my Article review on it in this specific post. I’m going to cover just how to create an animated gif image, I’ll show you a couple of examples in the review.

I’ve covered some of the other functionality of just make it outta me. So we’ll start off with the simple quote. This is a static image in PNG file format and I will show you how to apply a simple animation to this.

Pictures upload:

Once this quote is animated it’s going to look like this. So for example if you upload this animated gifs to Facebook or Twitter it will display in this animated form. I can see on the screen right now so this is the jiff make it on any website.

And this is the home page you basically click this jiff maker link to create your first shift. And then in this section right here you would upload your images in this section right here the control panel. It will allow you to control the canvas size the animation speed and the number of loops.

Add Youtube audio music:

In that jiff now you can also include music in a jiff. But at this point in time you can only use the YouTube audio library.So let’s download the images I’ve already created three images so you click this upload images button. It’s going to take you to. You know your Mobile and/or Explorer I’m using Gif Maker.

After making:

And you basically select the images. And then click open and once you do that you will see the images have been downloaded as. I said this is just a simple jiff and to create that animation as you can see.

I split the three images into the first image has just one line of the quote the second. And the second image has got two lines and the third. One’s got a full quote and in this section right here is where you’ll see the preview and down below again as, where you can control the canvas size the animation speed and the number of Lu so for this example.

Scrolling Pic:

I’m just going to leave these as default so basically scroll down and in this section right here. Basically just click this button that says create Schiff animation okay and then once you do that you will see this download jiff image as well as some other links right here you can either view the drift image before.

You download it and I’m going to do that I’m going to just preview the drift image before I downloaded. And if you click this you’ll see how it looks like and then once you basically are satisfied with the image. You can click this download link right here and then you choose we can choose open or save I’ll choose save.

Repeat step:

And then click the ok button and then once you do that it’s going to basically download the file. I’m using Firefox so it’s right here and once you do that you download the file you can then upload it to. And post it to social media this is my Google+ account. And I will use this website or you know social media site to basically upload the image.

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So you can do the same thing on Facebook or Twitter so you click the photos. And then upload from the computer and then choose the TIFF image this one right there open and then you’ll basically um upload the picture then if you just scroll down, you can just click Share and this what the animated picture will look like now.


  • Let me show you how to create an animated jiff using Gif Maker of mine.
  • The process is the same I’ll upload my pictures, and then select them click open and it will start the upload process.
  • And once it’s complete you will see the pictures downloaded.
  • And then you basically scroll down and click this create jiff animation and once.
  • You’re done just click the download file and this is what the animated gifs looks like these are pictures. That I took during my trip to Niagara Falls Canada.
  • And as you can see I mean obviously this is just a jiff the quality is not that great.
  • But that’s this is not meant for like bigger screens it’s more for like social media size but as you can see.


I think these are probably about 15 pictures and it does a nice quick sort of rotation and loop so anyway hope. You found this article useful you can check my full review like I said on just make it outta me now that has a lot of more functionality.

And I have a whole bunch of other articles. that I’m creating on Drive make it out Emme. So you can feel free to check them out I forgot any questions please leave them in the comment section and thanks for stopping by.

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